Cross platform, multi-modal learning path development engine.


In the next few years, Artificial Intelligence will disrupt and revolutionize education systems, in fact, this change has already begun. Just as services like Netflix or Spotify analyse our preferences and our tastes in order to recommend content and playlists, why can’t there be a learning system that helps us select what we want to study and how we study it?

Why can’t it analyse how best to help a person complete their studies depending on that person’s particular characteristics? How do they study, what are their biggest challenges? etc . Thanks to our Enabling Services, one of our clients – an online training content provider – saw the potential that AI would bring to the education field in the coming years

The concept

The challenge was to help our client move their entire body of academic knowledge of Machine Learning techniques, focused on training, to a commercial environment. It also had to be associated with a specific sector: Industry. Based on the results of several meetings with potential customers, we analysed different frameworks, APIs and standards in order to develop several proofs of concept. It’s not that difficult to make an intelligent system, it’s much harder to make a profitable system This means considering not just the technology, but relationships and synergies with other business units in order to provide answers to typical responses like: “Very nice, but this is how I integrate it…”; “Training is separate, it is not related to HR“; “We use Moodle with SCORM…” etc

What’s more, the need to offer high-value-added training in complex industrial environments called for improvements to the current solutions that were already part of our client’s portfolio: we had to support processes to improve simulation environments with Virtual Reality, based on the “Learn by Doing”.

We were faced with huge challenge – so calling on our Innovation Delivery Services – we had to respond to the integration requirements of new technologies within the existing solutions of our client – and the large accounts they manage.

The Development

We worked side-by-side with our client in order to deliver a solution that created a profile of each student based on their individual learning characteristics (content studied, time to completion, user preferences etc) Based on different Machine Learning techniques, we are able to offer highly personalised educational content to each learner, increasing engagement and reducing drop-out rates.

The system also allows for a high degree of parameter modification by the trainer, for example – randomising task and exercise order, increasing or reducing focus on one or other competencies etc… The AI engine then collects, aggregates and analyses large datasets that not only offer personalized content, but also value-added information. This information can be further integrated with Business Intelligence tools to generate dashboards offering a comprehensive evaluation of the ROI of your training programs.

The Delivery

Our objective is to make ideas a reality. To this end, not only de we offer our experience and expertise in developing a Proof of Concept, we also commit to the translating innovation activity to the market – this is what we call finding a “Client 0”.

To achieve this, we teamed up with to giants in the industrial sector in Mexico and in Spain to co-develop our first products. Both companies are collaborating with us to develop the first product, adding their ideas, contributing to the growth of the system and above all, assuring that what began as a concept for scientific publication, ends up as a fully working product in the hands of successful commercial clients.

At aunia we are proud to contribute to this success. Though iterative design and validation processes, we have lead the development of an MVP and ultimately are bringing to market a smart learning framework, based on ML & VR technologies. What’s more, our continued work has created a strong network of international partners spanning the divide from America (Mexico) to Europe (Spain, Austria).

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